The survivor!

Cafe des Artistes on Jln. Bisma, Ubud has been offering recognisable comfort cuisine to their loyal customers of Ubud expats and tourists, for more than 20 years. Keit open during the pandemic and now once again busy every day and night, this Ubud icon continues to provide tasty meals with friendly service. Sure the menu is typically Bali Interntional, but their attention to detail is second to none. This is seen in one dish that is constantly ruined in restaurants all across Indonesia, the Thai Yum Neua or Thai Beef Salad as it is usually called. Salad is not a good interpretation but that is no excuse for those places who think it is like a European salad, lettuce, tomato and all. Far from it, and CDA gets it perfectly right with strips of cool cucumber to balance the hint of chilli with the seared beef strips and bamboo shoots. A Belgian themed resturant gets it right when many so called Thai ones do not. They do add a couple pieces of country style toast, not very Thai, but they are great to mop up the chilli infused sauces at the end. a great dish.