Modern Asian!

The Aria is housed in a traditional joglo, with an open-air atmosphere and Indonesian-inspired interiors. The Aria serves up progressive Asian cuisine with a focus on open-flame cooking, the new sensation that is sweeping the world taking us back to our cave-dwelling days..The Aria brings a focus to the region’s flame-cooked dishes. In Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, ingredients are often prepared in natural vessels, from bamboo chutes to leaves and claypots, and then cooked slowly over a wood fire, allowing ingredient and vessel to come together and create something special. Their Large Plates feature dishes like the Ayam Bakar Di Buluh (grilled chicken cooked in bamboo with Manadonese spices), Javanese Claypot Curry, Smoked Octopus, Cakalang Fufu Fried Rice with smoked bonito and slow-cooked egg. Small Plates include delicate bites like Slipper Lobster Dumpling to Crispy School Prawn with curry aioli. Even desserts introduce an element of fire and smoke, such as the Smoked Cardamon Creme.