Babi Guling.

Pak Malen serves Babi Guling, as hundresd of warungs, all over Bali, do. everyone has theor own fvourite Bali Guling place abd for many that is Pak Malen on Sunset Road. Babi guling is the Indonesian version of a roast suckling pig. Although not common to other Indonesian regions, on Bali, where the predominant religion is Hinduism, it is one of the most popular dishes. Before roasting, pig’s skin is usually rubbed with turmeric, and the animal is stuffed with a basa gede spice mixture, which usually includes turmeric, coriander, lemongrass, shallots, galangal, chili, shrimp paste, and garlic. The pig is then placed on a spit and roasted over an open fire. This Balinese delicacy is usually served during special occasions and formal gatherings, but can also be found in warungs, traditional Indonesian casual eateries. The dish is so popular in Bali that many warungs specialize and serve only babi guling as their signature dish. When the pig is roasted, the crisp amber-colored skin is carefully removed, and the meat is cut into chunks. Each serving of babi guling is supposed to have a chunk of juicy meat, a piece of crispy skin, and a tablespoon of the flavorful stuffing. Babi guling is usually served with steamed rice, fresh vegetables, and a dollop of spicy Indonesian sambal.