A healthy feast!

AKASHA at New Earth Haven, Tegallalang, serves food that is free of gluten, soy, corn, cashews, peanuts, artificial sweeteners, nasty oils, preservatives and dairy. Food that has something for everyone whether you are gluten free, vegan, raw, keto or carnivore. Their entrees are an introduction to a vast range of incredible creations. Rice Paper Rolls are everywhere, here they are different, Smoked Salmon combined with greens, spinach, mushroom and tomato rolled in a roasted sunflower seed crust. Coconut Tacos utilise wonderful jackfruit [a vegetable/fruit that has the texture of meat] with avocado, kafir lime leaves and micro greens, a Vegetarian Platter of jackfruit nuggets with cauliflower bites and a mustard sauce. Their mains include a Butter Chicken, cooked ina traditional tandoori oven, served with organic rice, chili raita and naan bread. Tasmanian Salmon can be served as Pepes [wrapped in banana leaf] or Baked [with asparagus, broccoli and roast tomatoes in a creamy garlic eggplant sauce with fresh dill. The Laksa uses zucchini noodles, moringa, cauliflower, lemongrass and turmeric in coconut milk. the Burgers come with sweet potato chips. For dessert, the Blueberry Cheesecake is made with a raw seed and nut base, garnished with edible flowers. The Apple Pie is served with coconut pandan ice cream and the Mango Coconut Parfait is with tamarillo ice cream. If you go there early, for breakfast, you can enjoy a Breakfast Burrito [tortilla wrapped around organic eggs, spinach, mushroom, feta, mozzarella, coriander and guacamole. The Daenery’s Bowl is a dragon fruit smoothie with papaya, banana and pineapple, with homemade graniola, chia seed porridge, coconut flakes and cacao crumble.