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All listings in this guide have different means of identification. This guide can be searched;

  • By location only (Thai food in Kuta, Balinese food in Ubud, Chinese food in Nusa Dua, German food in Legian, etc.) Candi Dasa, Denpasar, Jimbaran Bay, Kerobokan, Klungkung, Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Seminyak, T.J.Benoa, Tuban, Ubud, Uluwatu.
  • By cuisine only [where to find Seafood restaurants, or Japanese, etc.] Balinese, Caf? Style, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, International, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Seafood, Scandinavian, Swiss, Thai, Vegetarian
  • By location and cuisine [where to find Seafood restaurants, in Candi Dasa or Japanese in Seminyak, etc.]
  • Restaurant Name ( if you know it )
  • by Hotel to discover whether a particular hotel has any of it's restaurants listed, so far, in this guide, select the hotel in question from the appropiate drop-down box.
  • Alphabetical Listing

Some listings will be repeated under a number of different headings. A Japanese restaurant may have enough of a seafood selection to warrant inclusion under that heading as well, or a place may have a better than average selection of two different cuisines.

A warung is an Indonesian caf? or small restaurant, most often family-run, where people go to eat rather than for a night out. These are only listed when they are considered suitable for foreigners and give an insight into local food. If the warung makes a good enough attempt at western food, then they may also be included in the International section.

To further help you identify what you want, we use three different icons for places that qualify:


Live Music

Good Bar

100% Halal
Tells you that a choice of hot western style breakfasts is available. Live music features in the evenings, at least on some nights. Denotes that the bar in the restaurant is suitable for patronising, whether you are eating there or not. Denotes places that claim to serve food that is 100% Halal

Restaurant Cost Guide

All listings are quantified as to price. This refers to a meal for two persons [food only, drinks not included]. For western style food this is calculated as to the average cost of enjoying three courses, entr?e, main and dessert. For Asian style food where, traditionally, the meal is shared by all participants; a mix of entrees [if suitable] and mains to make up a full dinner has been the base used for the price of that establishment.

Cost is grouped as:

  • Very Cheap - under Rp. 100,000 for two persons
  • Cheap - Rp. 100,000-200,000
  • Moderate - Rp. 200,000-500,000
  • Expensive - Rp. 500,000-900,000
  • Very Expensive - More than Rp. 900,000

To assist you in the conversion of currencies here is a rough guide.

Very Cheap
Very Expensive
Indonesian Rupiah Less than Rp. 100,000 Rp. 100,000-200,000 Rp.200,000-500.000 Rp.500,000-900,000 More than Rp.900,000
$US 11 11-22 22-54 54-98 98
$A 13 13-25 25-63 63-114 114
$Can 11 11-23 23-57 57-103 103
$Sing 16 16-33 33-82 82-148 148
$NZ 14 14-28 28-71 71-128 128
$HK 85 85-171 171-427 427-768 768
Euro 8 8-16 16-40 40-71 71
Malay Ringgit 38 38-76 76-190 190-343 343
Thai Baht 388 388-775 775-1,938 1,938-3,488 3,488
Jap. Yen 1,294 1,294-2,589 2,589-6,472 6,472-11,650 11,650
Taiwan NT 379 379-758 758-1,894 1,894-3,409 3,409
Danish Kr. 62 62-123 123-308 308-554 554
Swedish Kr. 76 76-152 152-379 379-682 682
Norwegian Kr. 66 66-131 131-328 328-590 590
Swiss Francs. 13 13-26 26-65 65-118 118
S. African Rand 43 43-85 85-213 213-384 384
Korean Won 11,429 11,429-22,857 22,857-57,143 57,143-102,857 102,857
Pds Sterling 5 5-11 11-27 27-48 48

N.B: This is rough conversion guide only.
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