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Mama's German Restaurant - Legian.....

Dining with Mama!

When you get that hunger for a meat feast, there is nothing quite like a meal from Central Europe. At Mama's German restaurant you can elect to enjoy that experience at any hour of the day! For many years this well run, good value eatery has been open 24 hours a day, to satisfy the hunger pangs of tens of thousands.

The original site in Jln. Legian, Kuta, was a Bali Icon. Whether you enjoyed their massive breakfasts, ate normal meals at normal hours, drank draught beer at their always-busy bar, or snacked late in the wee hours of the morning, there was always something for everyone.

Now moved to vastly improved new premises, still in Jln. Legian, but almost on the border of Kuta and Legian, in the front section of the Le Walon Centre, Mama's offers even more than before. Experienced German chef, Detief Hleiss, presides over the new modern kitchen to ensure your hunger is well and truly sated. Mama's delicatessen products are well known to all of Bali's supermarket shoppers. So, naturally, the food quality is totally controlled by the parent company being able to supply all the base products that Mama's Restaurant requires.

Whilst much of the food at Mama's reminds you of winter nights, and roaring log fires, it is still something I cannot resist on occasional Bali evenings. Although I do miss my Sauerbraten, a dish I used to regularly order at either of the original Mama's back in the 90's, and which they do not do any more. Sauerbraten must be a difficult dish to prepare consistently well as I have had more variations in this dish than just about any other, throughout the world, but I still cannot resist ordering it whenever it is avalaible.

The day at Mama's starts very early, or finishes late whichever way you look at it, with big breakfasts. The traditional one consists of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast with all the trimmings. I prefer the Farmer's Breakfast, an omelette with pan-fried potatoes, bacon and onions. The Big Breakfast is a special for that big drinker! 2 Eggs, with bacon, breakfast sausages, cold cuts and sliced baguette. Normal German meals begin with a hearty soup! Either of a Pea Soup with sausage or a thick Goulash Soup will suffice. The famous Indonesian OxTail soup is also available, Sop Buntut as is their Chicken Soup, Soto Ayam.

At the entrance to Mama?s a large rotisserie forms an integral part of the wall. The top is a line of tender young spring chickens, slowly revolving, and browning nicely. Below are enormous Pork Hocks. The very slow and even cooking process that comes from using the constant heat from the rotisserie ensures an end result of tender juicy meats.

Enjoy your chicken [or a half portion] with French Fries. Forget who may be watching and use your hands, it will taste better! The giant Pork Hock will be served on sauerkraut with boiled potatoes on the side.

Other International fare is also available here of course. A Filet Mignon can be ordered with a large variety of sauces. Australian Sirloin Steak, if you prefer? Pork Chops or Pork in cutlet form, and even Hamburgers are available in various forms.

A Jumbo Hot Dog, with pickles and French Fries, is assured of keeping the kids happy [kids of all ages I think] at any time. German Sausages are different from all others and they are all available here at Mama?s. Vienna Sausages are served with the traditional potato salad, but the most popular here is the Mixed Grill Sausage Platter, giving you four of the best.

Needless to say for those who will not conform, or just want something different, a small selection of pasta, pizza and basic Indonesian is also on the menu.

But I normally go to German restaurants for German food, and the choice here is substantial. Smoked Salmon or Marlin, Air-dried Ham on sliced honey melon or the Bavarian Meatplatter [a combo of four different cold meats and sausage and two cheeses] are all good appetizers for the table or to nibble at the bar.

Roast Pork is served with my all-time favourites; red cabbage and bread dumplings. Although the pork products are often a bit dry anmd tough. Kassler [smoked and cured loin of pork] comes with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut. Rindsrouladen mit Rotkohl and Kartoffelpuree are beef rolls with red cabbage and mashed potato. Bavarian Meatloaf is another favourite, it comes with a fried egg on top, sauerkraut and pan-fried potatoes on the side.

Of course for true meat eaters visits to any German restaurant worth its name means sitting down to a Schweinshaxen [a giant grilled pork knuckle]. They always look bigger than they really are, as the bone size is always a mystery. One thing constant is the way that the pork flesh just peels of the bone. Liberally doused with mustard it is a carnivore's delight!

A few glasses of delicate German wine only go to make the overall experience even more enjoyable. What can you finish this German feast with? You have two options: Cheese Cake or that magic Black Forest Cake. What more could you possibly want?

No wonder Mama's have been in business in Bali for so many years, whilst so many others have come and gone. Honest food at honest prices always seems to succeed!

A beer house, with food.

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Mama's German Restaurant - Legian
La Walon Shopping Centre,
Jln. Legian, Legian.
Open 24 hours, daily.
Valet Parking Available
Rp. 320,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- MC
- Visa
Good small list.
Bustling and friendly
German speak, everywhere!
Good value food, great fun!
Last Reviewed:
November 2008
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