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Lamak Restaurant
Bali Bakery - Denpasar.....

So Professional!

Even ten years ago, the original Bali Bakery, in Kuta, stood out from the rest. Not that it was perfect then, but all the right signs were in place. Always a producer of good breads and pastries from their bakehouse out back, their range has continued to increase and improve, almost annually.

Once upon a time, the front-of-house service could sometimes let them down, but that has also constantly been on the improve. In days of old, I often used to purchase a loaf of their excellent brown bread and then an argument with their staff would often ensue. All I wanted was for them to use some of the brown bread that I had just purchased, to make my BLT, sandwich, eggs on toast, etc., for which I was going to pay the full price anyway. This was so far way out of the ordinary that they were often unable to grasp it; `no, we only have white'!

These days, of course, you have the choice with everything. The good brown bread is still available but now so is Siebenfelder, Bavarian, Sunflower, Wholegrain and an excellent Muesli, all on different days. Furthermore, when buying loaves of bread to take home, they will even slice it for you. I know they should, but how many other places in Bali have this little attention to detail? They also have a range of Rolls and Raisin Buns, and even Hot Cross Buns in the lead up to Easter.

To the old favourite Curry Pan [a light doughnut mix rolled into an oval shape and stuffed with curried minced beef] many things have since been added. Such as frankfurts wrapped in a croissant, beef and chicken pies, ham & cheese crunchy pastries, frankfurt in doughnut roll, the original quiche lorraine [small individual ones] as well as tuna and vegetarian versions. All are available warm, on request.

For those with sweeter tooths there is always a selection of Danish pastries, chocolate and rum raisin Balloon's [very popular with the local Balinese/Indonesian crowd], or Pisang Coklats. They always have a large Apple Pie, for you to take a slice from, with a delicious thick apple and sultana mix in a nice crumbly shell. Great heated up, and served with ice cream!

The cake counter, as you first walk into the caf? is full of wondrous things. The greatest of all, a wonderful Black Forrest cake always takes pride of place. Others include Mocca, Strawberry Mousse, Cream Cheese, Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Flans and even Tiramisu.

The sandwich section can provide many variations apart from the old trusty BLT [bacon, lettuce & tomato]. Tuna, chicken, steak, the original Club Sandwich [bacon /smoked beef, egg, chicken, and lettuce] or a special Balinese Triple Decker Club [tuna, egg, tomato and lettuce].

For salads, side or as a meal, there are Caesar, Nicoise, Pasta, Beef or a plain old Garden Salad. Burgers come in either Beef or Chicken and can be had with all the usual extras.

Needless to say, at breakfast time [from 8.00 a.m. every day] eggs are served, any which way, alone or with ham, bacon and/or little breakfast sausages.

For heartier meals there are curries, pizzas, pastas [spaghetti, penne and fetuccini] as well as a range of traditional Indonesian meals such as Nasi Goreng, Mi Goreng or try something different, a Bihun Goreng [fried vermicelli with egg and vegetables topped with shredded chicken]. The Specials Board is also worth taking note of, as they do have some very interesting specials from time to time [including roast turkey].

In the seafood department there is always good old Fish & Chips [breaded and then deep fried snapper fillets served with tartar sauce and fries]. Grilled Tuna is normally available, topped with a lemon butter sauce, as is a Snapper Kebab [grilled snapper pieces with onions and bell peppers on a lemon grass skewer].

All this in clean premises that are pleasantly air conditioned, now even with separate rooms [having doubled it's original size] for smoking and non-smoking [a rarity in Bali], and secure off street parking.

But do not forget that it is, first and foremost, a coffee shop! Apart from the inevitable Bali Kopi, the excellent Italian Illy and Lavazzo coffees are always available, made correctly and in all of their usual forms.

It is no wonder that Bali Bakery is always busy!

Latest Visit:

This new branch of Bali Bakery is also a winner. A few new and interesting pastries, but everything else is the same.

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Bali Bakery - Denpasar
Jln. Hayam Wuruk 181,
Tanjung Bungkak, Denpasar.
7.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., daily.
Limited secure, off-street parking.
Rp. 60,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- MC
- Visa
Everything from salads to cakes, pastries and light meals.
Friendly and efficient.
Quite a buzz!
Clean cafe, great value any time.
Last Reviewed:
April 2016
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