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Lumut Cafe.....

Tasty Indonesian!

Stone walls, glass windows and a scattering of different eating areas. Lumut is quite unique, even apart from having an air-conditioned room for non-smokers. Small clusters of tables seem to be everywhere. In fact there are four smaller eating areas, as well as two larger ones. The largest is a Javanese Joglo that is kept cool by electric fans and an ever flowing waterfall, at it?s corner.

What a refreshing change to find a restaurant in Sanur, that serves tasty, well presented simple food in very pleasant surroundings and does NOT charge like a wounded bull! Lumut is a welcome addition to the scene.

The menu here is primarily Indonesian, with a few café style and international items thrown in. Apart from the breakfast [both western style, and an Indonesian Bubur Ayam, chicken porridge], pastry and cakes, there are a number of interesting entrees and light meals available here that would satisfy that snack anytime syndrome.

The Spring Rolls at Lumut are of the fat variety. A mixture of sohun [glass noodles] and strips of vegetables and tofu are rolled in thin rice paper. Deep fried and served very crunchy with your choice of accompanying sauce: green chilli and soy, or sweet and sour. Great!

The Chilli Squid Cillantro are pieces of salted chilli squid flesh that has been rolled, and dipped in breadcrumbs before frying. They are cross-sliced and served with a Thai Nam Jim sauce. The finely chopped cillantro [corriander] has been sprinkled both inside the chilli roll, and then becomes an integral part of the Nam Jim. Very tasty, and unusual, indeed!

Avocado Shrimp Hawaiian is a pineapple boat full of pieces of marinated avocado, shrimps and pineapple, topped with 1000 islands dressing. Pleasant at lunch on those hot days!

A Lumut Burger and a Lumut Club Sandwich are for those that need something more western. The burger comes with cheese and is accompanied by coleslaw and fries. The Club sandwich is the usual triple-decker; stuffed with tomato, lettuce, boiled egg slices and smoked beef. It is also served with fries.

Lumut?s Nasi Campur is excellent value for money. The rice mound is surrounded by a variety of cold servings [I know it?s traditional, but so many local dishes could be improved if they were served hot]; tuna, boiled egg, a tasty pergedel, corn fritter, vegies, tempe, tofu and a mound of excellent dried fish with crushed nuts.

Sop Buntut is a clear oxtail soup, served with rice and melinjo nut crackers. That Thai special Tom Yam Kung [hot and sour prawn soup] is also on the menu.

Sohun Goreng is an appetising mixture of glass noodles, sliced vegetables, shrimps, chicken pieces, fungus and pickles. A dish that complies perfectly to that sudden snack requirement, light and tasty!

Ikan Goreng Kecap is a whole fish that has been deep-fried and then served with ginger, garlic and sweet soy. The fish has been cooked till dry and crunchy, in the Asian manner. The thick covering on top is a combination of finely chopped garlic and ginger that has been soaked sweet soy before frying. Even the crunchy tail is great, the head only for the adventurous. If you prefer your fish in more of a western style, then the Ikan Bakar Sambal Rica is the same fish, but grilled and served with a chilli sauce.

More International dishes include a Chicken Katsu, a Japanese-style deep fried breaded chicken breast served with katsu sauce [done here by combining tomato sauce with worcestershire]. The very tender bread-crumbed chicken slab is sliced into petite strips, as if you were using chopsticks. Instead you can combine alternate pieces with the provided katsu sauce, mustard or mayonnaise.

The Chicken Curry is an Indian one and is served with rice, pineapple and pickles. For steak-lovers, an Australian Sirloin is grilled and served with sauteed vegetables and a baked potato! You can choose form black pepper, mushroom or maitre d?hote sauces.

Pasta comes in the form of Spaghetti [bolognese, antonio [tuna], di mare [seafood] or al cabe [hot chilli]], or a Lasagne Verde al Forno [layers of spinach lasagne with a meat and tomato sauce and bechamel].

A small but adequate wine list, available both by glass and bottle, and a very basic dessert list rounds out this pleasant newcomer. All prices include tax and service! Is this a new, and welcome, trend in Bali, or am I deluding myself?

Congratulations to Lumut, for doing the simple things well, and providing us with a pleasant, and inexpensive, new spot to while away the odd hour, or two!

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Lumut Cafe
Jln. Danau Tamblingan 166,
7.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.
Some off-street, secure.
Rp. 90,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- None
Mainly Indonesian.
Small list, by glass or bottle.
Garden setting or cool air-con.
Clean, cool and excellent value!
Last Reviewed:
May 2001.
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