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Lamak Restaurant
L Assiette.....

All the way from Paris!

L'Assiette Bali may not be as iconic as the original on Rue du Chateau in Paris, but neither is it as expensive. In fact for quality French cuisine L'Assiette Bali is very reasonably priced.

Totally French, it is refreshingly different from the many French influenced restaurants of Bali, this one is just plain, simple, FRENCH!

The restaurant is in two parts. Inside is very rustic, re-cycled wood has been used for the walls and furniture, the large tables well spaced for ultimate privacy, a relaxed setting. The rear garden is a surprise. Separate and again well spaced, are a series of small alcoves, presenting very private dining. In between the alcoves are immaculate gardens. At the rear a few more tables on the covered terrace, in front of the small gallery. This garden area is ideal for small intimate parties and gatherings, or just a romantic one for two.

The restaurant, surprisingly, is open from early morning [9.30 a.m.]. No real breakfast menu but there is a special lunch menu [many dishes are also on the dinner menu].

Other items are more suitable for daytime snacks or light meals such as Egg Mimosa which is boiled egg with mayonnaise. That all-time favourite French snack, Croque Monsieur [toasted ham and cheese sandwich] is here as well as many healthy salads; Piemontaise [potato, tomato, boiled egg, gherkin & ham], Nicoise [mixed salad with tuna, black olive, green beans, tomato & onion] and Perigord [mixed salad with confit duck gizzards, duck breast and poached egg]].

Other starters include Terrine de Campagne, Rillettes de Canard or Salmon Tartar. All are served with gherkin in the side and farm house bead. Many dishes that are available here are not seen elsewhere in Bali.

Daytime mains include a French version of regular English Pub fare, Shepherd's Pie. But instead of the base being minced lamb this one is excellent crunchy shredded duck confit, a dish often served in France during the Christmas festive season, but available here all year long. Very good, but served very hot so it goes well whilst sipping a light lunch wine.

Other lunch specials can be Chicken in tarragon cream, Grilled Snapper with tartare, Sauteed Prawns in ginger and soja or a Vegetarian Lasagna.

Many mains are available on both menus; Beef Tartar, T-Bone Steaks and the Swiss Fondue Bourguignonne. A small well priced [only Ep.170,000++] set menu, available for both lunch and dinner, is one that begins with your choice of Egg Cocotte Spring Onion OR a Home-made Terrine, followed by a sorbet then the wonderful Chicken Confit, finishing with the Dessert du Chef.

A super special, available all day, is just titled Special of the Chef, meat lovers take note! Quality beef tenderloin is roasted RARE, slices of which are served cold on a board with a small mixed salad, French fries and a pots of mustard. Perfect!

Another all day special is the small well priced [only Ep.170,000++] set menu that begins with your choice of Egg Cocotte Spring Onion OR a Home-made Terrine, followed by a sorbet, then the wonderful Chicken Confit, finishing with the Dessert du Chef. Just try to find a classic 3 course French meal anywhere else in the world for $15? No chance!

The dinner menu includes so many French classics. Oeuf Cocotte aux Girolles is such, an egg with girolles mushroom and cream, baked in a small terrine, perfect! The Duck Foie Gras is semi-cooked, and served cold on toasted bread. The Specialty of the chef is Truffe Noire Entiere en Chausson, a whole black truffle in pastry.

If you feel like a soup that is really a main course then you can not go past the Mediterranean special of Bouillabaisse. Other seafood dishes include their Grilled Salmon [in a creamy lemon sauce] and the Chef's special of Crisp Almond Fish. The 'catch of the day' is just pan seared and served a la Provencale, with capers, black olives, basil and garlic in white wine.

Evening mains include Duck Confit or a Duck Breast in green peppercorn sauce. There are many beef options, prime steaks done many ways, with béarnaise, green or black peppercorns, etc. The all-time special is the rare=roasted beef tenderloin, coated with foie gras, wrapped in puff pastry then oven-baked. Fine cuisine at its best!

Finish with a Cheese Platter [Brebis, Comte & Roquefort], a Duo of Crème Brulees or the most perfect Profiteroles I have ever tasted, A plate of three round, so light, puffs, stuffed with cream and topped with chocolate, a world apart from the usual commercial variety,,,, a must try!

Two interesting degustation menus are available; one titled simply, French, and the other, just Seafood. Both menus begin with an Amuse Bouche, and each food offering comes with a matching wine.

If you fancy a seafood night then this option s perfect. The Seafood option starts with Scallop Ravioles, followed by Salmon Tartar, then a Sorbet of lime and vodka before the main, Crispy Almond Fish. Assiette de Fromage Compte and Dessert du Chef completes the experience.

The French selection begins with that Egg Cocotte with girolles, followed by a Truffle Pastry. A sorbet of orange and cointreau refreshes the taste buds before the main course, Beef Tenderloin and foie gras in puff pastry. This dish commands a glass of Beringer. Finish with cheese, Assiette de Fromage Brebis, and more wine, then Assiette gourmande. Close your eyes and you will think you have been dining in Paris, look at your check and you will know it has actually been in Bali.

L?Assiette is a quality French restaurant, in relaxed surroundings, and at very reasonable prices. As they say in the Guides Michelin?.certainly worth a detour!

The garden setting here can only be in Bali, the food can only be from Paris!

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L Assiette
Jln. Mertanadi 29,
.30 a.m. to 10 30 p.m. [closed Sundays]
Small area at front.
Rp. 800,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Amex
- Mastercard
- Visa
French - very Paris!
Good list.
Friendly, knowledgeable.
Very relaxed, with style.
A night in Paris!
Last Reviewed:
December 2016
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