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Lamak Restaurant
Naughty Nuri - Seminyak.....

Nuri comes south!

Naughty Nuri has become one of those go-to eating houses for all tourists to Bali. No one fully understands why, which is probably why it happened? A street-side warung, more dingy than trendy, originally with a half drum barrel-BBQ in front, almost on the ragged footpath.

At Naughty Nuri's Ubud nothing much has changed, except the constant flow of customers.

Now there is an alternative, albeit with a bit of style. Naughty Nuri's Kerobokan [they call it Seminyak] on Jln. Mertanadi, is an official franchise of the Ubud original, but one that has been very professionally set up by that roving food consultancy team of Roland and Ifah.

When you first look into a kitchen at any new restaurant you can immediately tell if it was designed by an architect or a chef. This one looks as if it is straight from a 5 star hotel. Park in the spacious car park at the rear of the restaurant and as you walk through to the restaurant proper check the kitchen as you pass. Definitely no hygiene problems here! The toilet block is equally as impressive, in fact everything about this franchise reeks of professionalism.

Now to the food, and that does not disappoint. Needless to say the Pork Ribs take pride of place, prepared, marinated and grilled to the original exact recipe, the accompanying BBQ sauce perfect! A hackneyed phrase, and one that I have been guilty of using time and again BUT the almost fat-less meat does really fall of the bones! The BBQ sauce has a nice tang to it, a perfect match.

However one the major reasons for eating at Naughty Nuri's Seminyak is the ?variation on a theme? with their clever menu. Pork predominates but as with the BBQ sauce they are both found in a number of other dishes, and all tempt the taste buds!

Spring Rolls. Just about every Bali restaurant has some version of Lumpia on their menu. It is hard to fund one better than what is offered here. Pulled Pork is a term that mystifies all non-Americans. In their attempt to re-write the English dictionary, for 'pulled' read ?shredded?. The thin crisp shells are stuffed with pulled pork that has been drenched in that BBQ sauce. Fantastic!

Another option is the plate of Pork Buns, 5 mini rolls to be exact, also stuffed with both pulled pork and that BBQ sauce. As with just about all of the dishes served here they are large plates that are meant to be shared, which makes the very reasonable prices, even more so.

All restaurants also offer Sate, but whilst the choice here is either chicken or pork, both are marinated and served soaked with the same famous sauce. Big chunks of tender meat so you can actually taste it, unlike the burnt slivers served at street-side stands.

Straight pork dishes include a thick tender Pork Chop or Pork Paillard, which is tenderloin that has been grilled. My favourite pork dish here is on the snack list; Pork Poppers, 6 tasty bites, crumbed balls of pulled pork with a surprise centre stuffing of smoky apple sauce, wow!

Prefer Beef? Their Burgers are one of the best. A double beef patty, fully prepared in the kitchen not bought-in, is wedged between double layers of smoky BBQ cheese slices, very, very good! If you want your beef solid, not minced then the imported Fillet Mignon is perfect

There are also Chicken options, a Grilled Breast with local favouriite Sambal Matah, Sate or in a healthy Oriental Chicken Salad. For something completely different there is a lamb curry, Tong Seng.

Have you ever eaten fish wings? I had not and I must say that the experience quite amazed me. The ?wings? of Barramundi are torn off, a chunk of very tender sweet flesh with fins attached. They are deep-fried till very crisp, unusual and so good I had to go back and try them again! A great contrast between the crunchy fins and skin and the ever-so-sweet barramundi flesh found just behind them [similar to the sweet flesh found just behind the eyes].

Desserts are local standard ? Pandan Crepes and Banana Fritters, with the exception of their Umpa Lumpa Shake! The taste is better than the name and if chocolate is your thing then do not miss it, a cross between a milkshake and a dessert

They have a well-stocked bar with a full range of spirits even the exotics [Snow Leopard Vodka, Herradura Anjio Tequila, Ron Zacapa 23 y-o Rum and Macallan single malt], and friendly bubbling service. The owners are always there, as they say in Paris ..Les Patrons mange ici! The bosses eat here, unless my long-forgotten French is wrong?

Naughty Nuri's Seminyak [located in Kerobokan] is a great place for a pig-out, or just a series of tasty snacks, with a drink or two. Great value!

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Naughty Nuri - Seminyak
Jln. Mertanadi 62,
11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., daily.
Large car oark at rear.
Rp. 400,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Ribs + much more
Medium list.
An eating house,.
Great value, tasty food!
Last Reviewed:
November 2016
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Lamak Restaurant

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