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All day grazing!

Do you want somewhere to relax and dine in Sanur? Perhaps you are looking for a quality breakfast, an anytime snack, a light or full meal? It could be of local cuisine or international, standard or with local touches? Then you should try Graze. It is located street-front at the new luxurious Maya Sanur, the same management has long operated one of Ubud?s most successful hotel and villa complexes.

Breakfast begins at a sensible 7.00, early enough for hotel guests with a busy day ahead or local residents. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and at Graze the options are endless. Whilst all are classified by country style there is also a long list of extra side orders, perfect as many people like to build their own breakfasts. Breakfast is available till 3.00 p.m., where most hotel restaurants cut it off late morning, I have no idea as to why? The only thing better would have been a real all day breakfast.

My pick is the Scandinavian of apple juice and fruits, poached eggs, rocket and smoked salmon on a potato cake, with coffee of course. Others include the British, scrambled eggs, bacon, pork sausage, mushrooms and grilled tomato [what, no baked beans and fried slice?]. Almost all the breakfasts come with fruit and juice as well as toast.

If you are a 'pancake for breakfast' person then The Canadian is for you, with wholegrain pancakes, crisp bacon, blueberry confit and maple butter. The Vegetarian option is with scrambled tofu, onions, roasted tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant and mesclun [lettuce and leaves].

There are many small plates, just a snack or as an entrée before something more substantial. The Crostini is one the best yet, served on a board containing 4 slices of cold crunchy toast generously topped with mushrooms and truffle, sprinkled with Parmesan and an olive tapenade with many thin slices of red onion, tomato, basil and a squeeze of lemon, two of each. Very tasty, a perfect snack or entree! It goes well with their excellent coffees [Arabica from Sumatra and Java]. The Crostini is a simple dish but at Graze one that I have to order every time I re-visit.

The Salami Plate comes with toast slices and a small bowl of Italian style shredded and pickled vegetables. Amongst the Salads is one with Smoked Salmon with two split halves of a boiled egg, green beans and a warm mix of Dijon potatoes and shallots. A healthy salad option is the Caramelised Pumpkin and Carrot, it is with quinoa, Haloumi cheese, tomatoes and lemon.

Pasta is a dish that can be enjoyed any time of the day. At Graze there are a few unusual combinations. I like very much the Cannelloni, the tubes of pasta are stuffed with raw grated pumpkin, the cheese sauce studded with sliced mushrooms and oregano. The Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli is sprinkled with pine nuts and the Linguini tossed with garlic prawns and chilli.

Lunch can be a sandwich, vegetarian [avocado, hummus, beetroot, cucumber, carrots, sprout and leaves], simple [roasted chicken with rocket, cucumber, avocado and tarragon mayo on French baguette] or exotic [pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing on rye]. The Reuben, whilst not 100% traditional, is excellent! Ham replaces the normal corned beef, and is combined with finely shredded sauerkraut [not too sour] and emmental cheese. The bread is often what makes a sandwich special and at Graze all the breads [and pastries in general] are way above average!

As with 80% of today's restaurants in Bali you can order a Hamburger at Graze, if you want? Their version is with cheese, beetroot, avocado and tomato, in a sesame seed bun, French fries on the side of course! 2 years ago very few places served hamburgers, now almost everyone does.

Lamb Koftas are nicely spiced balls of minced meat, served with Mediterranean style burghul salad [dried cracked wheat] with sumac yoghurt dressing. The Reef Fish is pan fried, served in a bowl sitting on a large pile of du Pay lentils, with a few spears of asparagus, herb salad and slices of beetroot. A good example of a healthy dish that tastes great! Perhaps you want a meat pie for lunch? That is standard western fare and this one is made using Angus beef in dark beer, served with mashed potato and greens. Perfect!

If you are dining with friends then order larger dishes, and share. Baby Back Ribs are done using Balinese spices, strong and different, great taste! 400 grams of Australian Tenderloin of Beef is crusted with salt and thyme before being baked in the oven. The Whole Chicken is basted with lemon and herbs whilst roasting. As a special offer any order of a Sharing Plate also gets you a glass of house wine each [for 2 persons], which makes the great value even better!.

Desserts combine the traditional with local flavours. A Crème Brulee Trio is 3 small pots, pandan, vanilla and coffee. A Double Fudge Mango Chiboust will keep any cake lover happy. Inside the restaurant, in the chilled display, are a range of cakes and tarts that include a wonderful cheesecake. Always included in the day's offering are at least two that are gluten-free.

Quite an amazing discovery, for a restaurant attached to a 5 star hotel, was the service charge?only 5%! Even some nearby stand alone restaurants charge more than that.

Cocktails, Mocktails, wine by the glass, all add to the relaxed atmosphere of this great place to stop for breakfast, a snack or meal, any time.

An eating spot, with style, and great value!

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Maya Sanur,
Jln. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur.
7.00 10.00 p.m., daily.
Secure in downstairs car park.
Rp.400,000 or two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- All Major
Limited list.
Very friendly and helpful.
Casual dining.
Excelleny food, great value!
Last Reviewed:
November 2015.
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