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Cosmic Diner - Tuban.....

A cosmic invasion!

First there was one, then there were two, and soon there will be three!

Cosmic Diner is styled on a modern funky version of the trusty old American 'diner'. You can eat at the bar, at a table, in a booth or on the outside smoking terrace.

Service begins every day with a range of breakfasts, all with 2 eggs as the base. They can be 'sunny side up', as the Americans say [to the rest of the world that is just a normal fried egg, the way it should be], scrambled or as an omelette stuffed with your choice of tomato, ham, cheese, mushroom or onion]. Breakfast can also be a Scrambled Egg Sandwich on toasted sourdough. All of these egg dishes come with crisp bacon [or a beef sausage if you prefer], roasted tomato and toast, and this is for only Rp.45,000++, quite amazing value! If 2 eggs are not enough, you can add an extra one for less than $1. A little more exotic is their Fancy Breakfast, scrambled eggs with cheese topped with smoked salmon.

However the most popular order at an American diner is always the humble hamburger, and that is also the case at Cosmic [even at the original site on Sunset Road with a branch of the Golden Arches almost next door!].

The basic beef burger contains 50gm, minced on the premises from imported Aussie beef, with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions added. Most non-specialty burger places, and all of the fast food joints, buy-in outside processed patties, what a difference when they are freshly done, properly, on the premises!

But, as always, the most popular at Cosmic is the Cheeseburger, with melted cheddar cheese. The 'East Coast' sees crisp bacon added to the cheeseburger and the 'West Coast' a fried egg, sunny side up of course, to the cheese and bacon.

The Hawaiian is with pineapple and there is an Italian touch with mushrooms and melted mozzarella, or one with the patty crumbed with parsley and garlic, the sauce roasted sesame. For those who never know when they had enough there are double and even triple burgers.

Away from beef you can order Chicken [crumbed and crisp, very crunchy, with melted mozzarella] or Fish [cheddar cheese and tartar sauce] Burgers. All of these burgers are also available as Mini Burgers called Cosmic Juniors.

For those who do not want a burger there are still many reasons to visit Cosmic. Pasta dishes include Spaghetti [Aglio e Olio, with meatballs, chicken and mushroom or Carbonara with ham and cheese], Penne [Carbonara, or with meatballs or chicken and mushroom], and Fettuccine [Carbonara, or smoked salmon]. Something different is Macaroni and Cheese [Parmesan and Cheddar], which can also have crispy bacon added.

If you want to eat more traditional western style you can start with a soup [Mushroom with garlic and thyme or Tomato with basil, onion, garlic and Parmesan rind] or salad [Caesar, Garden, Oriental or Nordic with smoked soy-glazed smoked salmon or the very good Crispy Chicken] followed by a choice of mains, served with Parmesan buttered rice, mashed potato or French fries. Chicken can be as a steak with cream mushroom or black pepper sauce or a good version of that old favourite, Parmigiana, crumbed and topped with tomato salsa and mozzarella. Beef comes with black pepper sauce as a steak or sliced in a creamy mushroom.

Fish & Chips is an English import, one that has become truly international, with sauce tartar of course. Then there are a few finger foods, all served with French Fries; Fish Fingers, Chicken Fingers, Steak Sandwich, all perfect for snacking whilst sipping. A most unusual snack is the Chicken Waffle Sandwich.

No American diner could exist without offering pancakes, at Cosmic they are all dessert options. Plain, drenched in icing sugar, syrup and whipped cream, or with strawberries, banana or chocolate chips. All are ordered as single, double or triple stacks, and can be with gelato added.

Many different coffee styles, teas, floats, milk shakes, gelatos, sorbets and refreshing fruit freezes but it is their signature cocktails that are all the rage; Frozen Margaritas and Daiquiris that are made with your choice of 12 different flavoured gelatos in the blender, very New York!

Cosmics are a fun place to drop into, just for a drink, a snack, a burger simple or exotic. The value is unrivalled with 99% of the menu under Rp.100,000, most of it much less. The 3rd Cosmic, at Sanur, is due to open on The ByPass [just south of Blanjong] by year end.

Bali continues to offer something for everyone at every level, the sign of its 'coming of age' for the restaurant scene! What a change from 20 years ago. Back then it was difficult to even get an egg cooked properly.

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Cosmic Diner - Tuban
Lippo Plaza,
Jln. Kartika Plaza, Tuban.
10.00 11.00 p.m., daily.
In downstairs complex car park.
Ep. 350,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Visa
Diner - American style
With a smile.
Great value, and fun.
Last Reviewed:
September 2018
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