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Le 48.....

A Touch of French!

Le 48 is located in the Le Quarant-huit Resort in central Candi Dasa. The place was originally set up by French owners and has now passed to local Indonesian ones but it still keeps its French touches, if only just. However it is still different enough for Candi Dasa to stand out from the crowd.

The restaurant is oblong shaped, one end with lounge chairs, open to the spacious garden grounds, whilst the other looks out over the lotus lagoon, a most pleasant and relaxing daytime view.

Being a popular resort business begins at breakfast time and sensibly all the breakfast options are also still available during lunch making Le 48 the best location in Candi Dasa for a leisurely brunch. Breakfast time for most people is egg time and here there are many options. Done any way you wish and combined with pancakes for a very American Le 48 Breakfast. More English is my selection of eggs, bacon and sausage [only the baked beans are missing], with sautéed potatoes and mushrooms, tea or coffee for just Rp55,000++.

Jumbled spelling presents a Corque Monsieur, hopefully the product is not so jumbled but the Eggs Benedict are described as Poached Eggs with hollandaise sauce [on a ham and cheese sandwich], which is rather bewildering. A range of omelettes and pancakes [if you must] completes a reasonable menu.

As Le 48 is a perfect daytime spot they have been quite clever in presenting an extensive list of entrees, appetizers or snacks [no they are not ?tapas?], great for constant nibbling. Although the Les ?Perfect Burgers? item seems a bit too French! The patty is supposedly a mix of vegetables, chicken or fish with tofu, unusual.

Acrobatie de Crevettes en Sarong is what the Thais call ?Prawn in a blanket? and others ?Prawn in a waistcoat?. 4 large jumbo prawns shelled but for the head and tail, wrapped in fine angel hair pasta and deep fried [pictured] with two dips, for just $5 is amazing value and very good too.

A snack plate from the Middle East is their serve of Lebanese Taboule, Italian carpaccio of zucchini and Moroccan style carrots in cumin. Being seaside at Candi Dasa seafood predominates throughout the menu. A Ceviche consists of thinly sliced Mahi-Mahi [they seem to specialize in this wonderful Balinese reef fish], marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and herbs. More Mahi-Mahi in Lollypops, minced and mixed with spices the wrapped around lemongrass sticks. Or you can have the same fish Balinese style in Pepes, wrapped in banana leaf before being grilled.

Soup can be an Iced Zucchini with mint, cream and croutons or a hot Tomato Soup with basil added. Salads and other vegetarian options are many and varied including Sambal Goreng Tempe-Tofu, sautéed tempe and tofu caramelized and served with strawberries and pineapple. Nasi Goreng is served Le 48 [local] or Javanese. A Festival de Sate offers a mix sate selection of marinated chicken, prawns, tempe and tofu, with that mandatory peanut curry dip.

There is more seafood amongst the mains, which means more Mahi-Mahi options; fillet in orange sauce, grilled with a mango salsa or simple as Fish & Chips.

Chicken is done many ways; a breaded escalope in a cream sauce of onions and mushrooms with crispy bacon, as a steak with honey glaze also with bacon and a Rosemary [though a little over-cooked, sadly a common occurrence in Bali] presented ?country style? sitting on a sweet and sour salad of paprika and potatoes which is very good.

A bit of a shock is the very French Coq au Vin, which though correctly done in red wine with carrots, onion, mushroom, bacon and herbs is served with fettuccine. The menu claims that the origin of this dish is a ?traditional rooster??hopefully not via a cockfight!

The only other meat served here is Pork [no beef at all, very strange for tourist Bali]. The Pork Knuckle is roasted crisp and in onion jam with mustard sauce. The Pork Chop is grilled and is again served with that great sweet and sour paprika salad. The Pork Ribs are done Bali style rather than the usual American BBQ. A very long dessert menu is also perfect for the lingering daytime guest, and many items are quite unusual such as their Apple Cubes cooked in butter and cinnamon served with vanilla ice cream, biscuit crumbles and caramel sauce. A Fruit Fondue is popular with everyone, fruit cubes on sticks with a dipping bowl of warm dark chocolate. Green Lemon Meringue & Ginger Pie, Deep-fried ice cream, Spring Rolls stuffed with banana and covered with a chocolate sauce and Spanish Churros are all off-beat offerings, most of which are worth trying.

Within the limitations of dining in Candi Dasa Le 48 offers something a little different and definitely worth a stop for a relaxing lunch [or brunch] by the lagoon, or an early morning stop for breakfast on the way through.

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Le 48
Le Quarante-huit Resort,
Candi Dasa
(0363) 41.177
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Street only.
Rp. 400,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Good list
Smiling, helpful.
Fresh and clean.
View over lotus lagoon.
Last Reviewed:
February 2014
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