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Bebek Bengil - Nusa Dua.....

The Duck goes surfing!

Bebek Bengil is the corner-stone of the new impressive lifestyle and restaurant complex at The Bay, Nusa Dua. It is situated beachfront, east of The Grand Hyatt and adjacent to the Bali Collection. The area is almost as large as that at the Ubud headquarters of this Bali icon, except that instead of rice paddies between the tables and bales it is all gardens and trees, with beach and ocean beyond.

The enormous U-shaped building itself has a high ceiling and is stepped so it is totally open to the ocean view. Between it and the private beach are big Bales, enough for large families of 20 or so, well spaced and set amongst the gardens and trees.

The menu at Bebek Bengil Nusa Dua is similar to that at Ubud, it is just the setting that is totally different.

Pride of place on the menu is, of course, their Crispy Duck. That unique dish invented in Ubud but served at many other places so dry that it is almost inedible. Bebek Bengil has always been able to get the right balance to crispiness whilst keeping the flesh soft enough to enjoy.

However, there are many other interesting items on the menu in this most relaxing setting of gardens and sea. There is yet another one that has been created by the owner, Ibu Agung Raka Sueni. It is a version of Bebek Pelalah. Now pelalah is most commonly chicken, the bird first being stuffed with spices and roasted, then shredded when cold and tossed with chilli and lime. BB?s version of Bebek Pelalah is completely different with the roasted bird cut into chunks, rather than shredded, and combined with a tomato based sauce, also with chilli and lime.

Other duck specials on the menu include one of the great dishes of Balinese cuisine, Bebek Betutu. This is a classic dish and stands up with the ?best of? of any major cuisine. The bird is stuffed with Balinese herbs and spices, including shallots, garlic, lemongrass, candle nuts, ginger, turmeric, lime leaves, kencur root, and many others, then wrapped in beetle nut leaf, and steamed over embers for a long extended cooking period. The resultant flavour of the now yellow coloured and amazingly tender flesh is unique and one of the great delights of dining in Bali. Due to this long cooking cycle only a full bird is served and it must be ordered for a minimum of 2 persons at the table. It also must be ordered one day in advance to facilitate the detailed preparation. The chicken version of this dish, Ayam Betutu, is also available with the same preparation, and ordering restrictions.

There is also a traditionally grilled duck served with a sweet chilli sauce and unique versions of Nasi and Mie Gorengs. For a starter there is a Duck Melon Soup. Other starters include Chicken Soup, and the universal Thai favourite, the hot, sweet and sour prawn soup Tom Yam Goong. The Crab and Prawn Salad is topped with thousand islands dressing and the Crispy Duck Salad is tossed with a sauce of orange and shallots.

The Cumi Goreng Bumbu Bali is a great starter. The squid rings have been dipped in a mix of flour and Balinese spices before deep frying. Hot, crunchy and with a nice after taste from the spices make them a perfect entrée to enjoy whilst sipping cocktails or pre-dinner drinks. Traditional Balinese Sate can be fish, chicken or duck, or a mixed plate of all three. There is also a sate cut from the Beef Tenderloin.

Pasta is Spaghetti, and you can order it with minced beef sauce, Bolognese style, or Carbonara, tossed with bacon, egg, cream and Parmesan cheese.

Whilst most will only visit Bebel Bengil to eat duck dishes the restaurant has to cater for all members of the table so there are a few general items as well; Chicken Sate served as a main course, and Chicken Kebabs, large chunks of tender chicken on a skewer, served over yellow rice.

Pepes Ikan is a Balinese special from the fishing villages, minced fish is combined with Balinese spices and wrapped in banana leaves, cooked over embers. A more western fish dish is the Snapper Fillet, served with tartar sauce, baby potatoes and Chinese style fried parsley.

Dessert at any Bebek Bengil is almost a given; Black Russian Pie is something that they have made their own! The flavour of vodka and Kahlua comes through strong, as does the chocolate sauce that covers it. Other options are their Original Sin Devil Dark Food Cake or a less complicated Carrot Cake with pistachios.

The ?Ducks? even extend to the cocktail list at Bebek with a Blue Duck [arak, pineapple juice, blue Curacao and lemon] and a Drunken Duck [arak, lemon and sugar] and many ?Duck? mocktails; Thirsty Duck [fresh pineapple, papaya and orange juice with coconut milk and banana] and a Sweet & Sour Duck [ginger, lemon, honey and mint] are but examples. Bebek Bengil Nusa must offer the cheapest cocktails along this Nusa Dua strip [all under Rp.100,000 even after adding tax and service].

This whole complex at The Bay is so different from what has been traditionally offered elsewhere in Nusa Dua, the combination of dining in a garden setting oceanfront previously only available at expensive 5 star hotel locations.

It is nice to have some quality alternatives available in Nusa Dua, without the 5 star price tag!

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Bebek Bengil - Nusa Dua
The Bay,
Nusa Dua.
11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., daily.
Secure, at front.
Rp.500,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Balinese friendly.
Open to the ocean, in garden setting.
Great value for this area.
Last Reviewed:
April 2014
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