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Sang Ria.....

Dining in the Garden!

Sang Ria is not a Spanish drink but rather Indonesian for 'the happy one'. Dining at Sang Ria certainly promotes that feeling with its garden setting that many other operators would have ruined by filling with extra seating. As a result you are far enough away from the busy gang to escape the traffic noise and pollution.

Everything at Sang Ria is low key, there is none of the pushiness for which this coastal strip is renowned, just a friendly invitation to come in, relax, and enjoy what is mainly 'comfort food' at very budget prices. Enjoy, and come back again!

The management of Sang Ria has a great track record, having previously established the quaint Waroeng Asia, up a side gang directly opposite Sang Ria, years ago that brought Thai café food to Bali very successfully. The food at Sang Ria is International but with more than just an Asian touch.

Bruschettas, that popular anytime snack, are found on many menus in Bali, and not just in Italian restaurants. At Sang Ria they are a bit different, Mushroom and Tomato [with basil and both cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, on the traditional sliced toasted baguette] or Chicken [sliced chicken with coriander, onion and cheeses]. Just as popular are their Shrimp Kebabs [shrimp for Americans, prawn to anyone else] with a mango curry sauce.

Salads are popular for lunch and the best here is their Watermelon and Feta, tossed with a dressing of orange and lemon, although I like the Avocado, Chicken and Crisp Bacon Salad, with just a touch of balsamico. Other Chicken options include the very healthy Chicken and Chickpeas [with potatoes, capsicums, onion, tomato and a tahini dressing] or a Vietnamese one just called Asian Salad

Being in the tourist belt means that Hamburgers are a must on any menu! You have a choice of the traditional [beef with bacon, onion, lettuce, tomato and cheese] or an Oriental [a combination of minced beef and lamb topped with coriander, cumin and paprika and an avocado salsa]. Sandwiches can be American Subs [smoked ham, bacon, cheese and things in a split baguette] or real ones between slices of brown bread and toasted.

The soups are very International; from Mexico a Tortilla Soup [tomato broth with chicken and avocado pieces and tortilla chips], Vietnam [chicken and noodles], Malaysian Laksa [chicken, prawns and rice noodles in a curry broth] and an International [pumpkin, lightly curried].

A Mexican touch is the small section of Burritos, tortillas wrapped around your choice of chicken, beef or shrimps, all combined with fresh crunchy lettuce, slices of tomato, avocado and crumbled cheese. Also a Vegetarian Burrito with red beans and feta cheese. They make a healthy lunch or a hearty snack.

Many restaurants in Bali claim that they serve the Best Ribs! So do Sang Ria and I think they might just win the prize. A full rack greets you, pick up one of the rib bones and shake it, the big chunks of tender spicy meat just fall off! So tender, so tasty, so perfect! Not bad also are the accompanying roasted baby potatoes. They have been split in two?a secret, they are even better dipped in the BBQ sauce.

Grills are on demand here, their Pork Chop is in a spicy sauce, the Chicken pre-marinated and grilled with cumin, coriander and paprika, Steaks are local [sirloin] or imported [eye fillet]. A Tempe, Mushroom and Vegetable Kebab is one of many healthy options. The Fish Steak is Mahi-Mahi, Bali?s no. 1 fish.

They tried but just could not keep from adding a few Thai specials to the menu, as all their regulars from Waroeng Asia kept demanding them. A classic Green Mango Salad with Shrimps, the Pork and Eggplant Green Curry and a great vegetable Red Curry of Pumpkin and Chickpeas [curries with a bit of a bite, real ones]. There are also Indonesian style curries [coconut milk the usual base], chicken with potato, fish or a vegetarian one with tofu.

Sang Ria is in the tourist belt so obviously caters for them with a wide range of snacks, light and full meals, but the quality and value is so good that it is also a 'goto' spot for local expats. An extra bonus, Sang Ria offers parking in an area where that is very hard to find. That also comes in handy when looking for a breakfast spot in the Legian area. They offer traditional egg breakfasts, either International or Indonesian style, as well as all the healthy options.

Sang Ria is another new quality restaurant, serving food with plenty of taste, at very reasonable prices. The pleasant garden setting tempts you to stay even after your meal has finished. Live music in the evening is also an attraction for many.

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Sang Ria
Jln. Werkudara 5,
9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., [closed Sundays]
Small area behind restaurant.
Rp.260,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- None
Local wines only
Garden setting.
Great Value!
Last Reviewed:
July 2011
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