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Watergarden Hotel

Dining in an Atrium!

The ceiling is high, the fans are all whirling, but you can not hear them. The tables are well spaced throughout the atrium, a bar stool area street-side a popular place, a lounge area for those who prefer such seating and an air-conditioned room for the non-smokers. The result is a large cool space in which immediately produces a relaxed, holiday feel about it.

The food fits the place, perfectly. Innovative and with a touch of Asia, no doubt some things can never be forgotten [such as Simon Blaby's introduction to the tempting tastes of Thai at Queensland's famous Spirit House, many years ago, before adopting Bali as his home].

I love breakfast! Yes, I often eat simple versions such as Bacon & Eggs or the even simpler Toasted Croissant stuffed with ham and cheese, but exotic breakfasts I search high and low for. At Atrium they are as good as they get!

A toasted split slab of crusty brown ciapini bread, topped with a green leaf on which lays slices of spicy pork sausage in chilli tomato sauce, on top of that a baked egg. All so simple, yet refreshingly different. Or a Brioche stuffed with bacon, egg, rocket and cheese, plus a dash of HP sauce. Soft Poached Eggs [difficult to find in Bali] sit on halves of a real English Muffin, atop slices of smoked salmon and avocado, over all a dill hollandaise.

For the Vegetarian, Roasted Mushrooms with baby spinach, tomato, ricotta and parmesan, all wrapped in puff pastry, or simple Ricotta Hotcakes with a mixed berry compote, whipped cream and golden syrup.

These are the breakfasts that deserve unhurried eating, and a small glass of bubbly! The list of options is enormous and all are available ALL day, not just in a narrow morning window. Someone actually understands what the word 'service' means! There is even a 'Cubbyhouse' breakfast for the kids, pancakes, toasted fingers and things to keep them amused, and quiet!

Lunch is where the real action begins. Salads are a base of three; Caesar, Organic or Rocket with Sliced Green Pear plus shaved Parmesan and toasted pine nuts. To any of the salads you can add; Roasted Vegetables, Chilled Poached Prawns or Beef Strips.

Lamb Meatballs are also in a green salad sprinkled with raisins, small bowls of minted tzatziki and basil hummus on the side with toasted pita bread. Pan-fried Haloumi Cheese is with oregano, cucumber, olives and capsicum are in a red onion salad with shiraz vinegar dressing.

Yellow Angel Hair Pasta has been tossed with small prawns, fish and squid pieces, chilli, garlic, rocket leaves and breadcrumbs. A Gluten-free Penne [with spicy Italian sausage in a Roma tomato sugo] show the belated awareness of dietary problems now amongst the newer more professional Bali restaurants.

An Arborio Risotto with crushed green peas, ricotta, lemon zest, pine nuts and pecorino is well worth waiting for the 15 minutes preparation time. Amongst the Pizza selection is one covered with prosciutto crudo and braised fig puree, the tang of the added gorgonzola dolce providing a great after taste. The pizza is very thin and crisp yet does not break up, very good indeed!

Dinner begins with starters even more exotic. Zucchini Blossoms stuffed with ricotta are in a salad of baby leaves, a Goat Cheese and Hazelnut Souffle is with honey and cumin-roasted beetroot or Char-grilled Wagyu Beef Ribs in a chilli, lemongrass and caramel sauce.

Mains include a Pastry Tartlet of soft parmesan polenta with braised mushrooms, toasted hazelnuts and a salsa verde, the Spatchcock Claypot is with a salad of herbs, crisp rice, spiced salt and a lime and white pepper dipping sauce. The Pork Belly has been slowly braised for 7 hours in tangerine, cassia and soy, and served with crushed sweet potato, orange and red onion. The fragrant Massaman curry uses lamb shoulder, a perfect match for that most unique of all Thai curries, from the deep south of the kingdom, often referred to as the Muslim Curry.

Desserts are both traditional and innovative; a Chocolate and Grand Marnier Souffle with orange custard and vanilla bean ice cream, a Pudding of Braised Dried Figs with caramelized macadamia nuts and a butterscotch sauce and a Sticky Rice Cake of young coconut and mango with pandan jelly and coconut sorbet.

Professional service that does not ruin the smart casual atmosphere adds to the relaxed charm of Atrium, a more than welcome newcomer to the already crowded Kerobokan scene, and one for the long term in an area where they close as quickly as they open.

Latest Visit: Many staff changes at this resort, menu is now more like the normal tourist menu with a little bit from everywhere.

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Jln. Raya Petitenget,
7.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m., daily.
Private parking.
Rp.900,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- All Major
International with Asian touch
Good list.
Slick, and with a smile.
High roofed atrium, well-spaced tables. Air-con room.
Innovative and stylish, classy but casual!
Last Reviewed:
May 2011
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