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The Spanish arrive in Sanur!

Triana is a totally traditional Spanish restaurant. Even down to their Tortillas. Unlike the things called Spanish Omelettes at many Bali restaurants [not much more than left-over vegetables] the Spanish Tortilla at Triana is totally original, thin flakes of potato and onion wrapped in egg.

It does not stop there; many small tasty entrees, salads and soups adorn this interesting menu. Their cold Gazpacho Soup is done Andalucian style [with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic and olive oil]. The Chicken Soup has slices of ham added. Seafood soup rarely does anything for me but Triana?s Sopa de Mariscos is very special, the base is similar to lobster bisque, but light not heavy. The soup is studded with small pieces of seafood including octopus and many crunchy croutons.

As for their salads, yes there is a Caesar but what menu does not include that International item these days? The Russian Salad is also quite International; shredded potato and prawns tossed in light mayonnaise and topped with tuna flakes. Spanish salads include a Warm Salad [dried fruits and cheese parcels tossed in balsamic] and a Special Salad of corn kernels, diced apple and anchovies.

Cazuelita de Chaminones combines many different mushroom types with crushed garlic and shards of real Iberian ham which gives this dish a nice after taste. Garlic Prawns top most Spanish menus all around the world. At Triana they are as good as anywhere. Many small tasty prawns line this sizzling platter, simply cooked in olive oil and crushed garlic nicely browned. Dip your crunchy toast into the mix, very healthy! Papas Bravas is a great alternative to the French Fry and American Wedge. The potato chunks are first par-boiled, then deep fried to a golden crisp and served with a coating of spicy sauce; tomato, chilli and garlic. The contents of this plate, though large, disappear within seconds.

Jabugo Chorizo is sliced chorizo sausage, pan-seared. But like the Jamon de Jabugo and Queso Manchego only available when imports permit, a not unusual problem in Bali. Pisto Manchego is finely shredded vegetables, with more taste than you expect.

Chicken Croquets are breaded fingers of minced chicken. The Garlic Chicken is sensational, the meat so tender and juicy. Chicken is far too often over-cooked and dry in Bali thus destroying the full meat taste, which is a shame as local chickens have so much more taste than the western battery version. How about a Spanish Sate? They use larger pieces of meat [chicken or pork], more like a kebab but doused in a variety of spices.

Triana is open early in the morning for a Spanish Breakfast. Huevos Revueltos are eggs slightly scrambled. You can have your Fried Eggs with either Bacon or Chorizo, and if the real Spanish Omelette [Tortilla] is too heavy for you then there is always the original French version, nicely rolled

Albondigas en Salsa are meat balls but done in the style of Northern Spain in an almond sauce not the usual tomato base the way this dish is served in the South. If you like Oxtail then at Triana it is one of the very best, cooked slowly in red wine. Flamenquin Cordobes are thin slices of pork rolled around ham and cheese. Their Spiced Chicken is chicken breast with quite a twang! Plenty of flavour there.

Octopus is served Galician style, first boiled in paprika and olive oil, then presented on top of sliced potatoes. The Prawns are grilled and the Calamari is fried, but the Mahi-Mahi is ever so lightly grilled and topped with olive oil and shredded garlic. Never dry and over-cooked here. One of the best pieces of fish I have had away from my fishing village warungs. You actually taste the delicate fish rather than an overpowering sambal.

Spain is famous for its Paella and at Triana it is done to a treat, either studded with seafood, meat or a mixture of both. However the Paella is made to order so a 20-25 minute wait is necessary as is the requirement of an order from at least two persons for the same paella.

A Catalunya Cream Brulee, Egg Custard and Toffee and Banana & Chocolate Crepes are all available but for something special try the Cheesecake. Made from Emmental and served in thin slices it is so different! As is their Tiramisu which is made with Amoretto [almond liqueur] rather than the more common use of rum, it is a soggy Tiramisu to be eaten with a spoon, but wonderful!

At any visit to Triana an order for some White Sangria is essential. Sangria is supposed to have very little alcohol content as it is meant to be sipped slowly all afternoon, on those hot summer days. White Sangria is unique, a blend of white wine, champagne and sugar studded with small diced fruits and ice cubes, this is the way they make it in Andalucia. A couple of secret spices give it a final finish, so refreshing!

The awakening of Sanur continues.

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Jln. Danau Tamblingan 108,
9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.
Street only.
Rp. 300,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Friendly, knowledgeable.
Bulls, matadors and flamenco.
Very traditional.
Last Reviewed:
April 2009
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