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A Mexican on the Beach!

There are many Lovina restaurants with beach and or ocean views, but there are very few that are right at the water's edge. Adirama is one of them. Situated between the landscaped swimming pool and the ocean itself this restaurant, at the stylish yet still budget priced Dutch managed hotel, is a long bamboo wantilan. At high tide the waves almost lap at the restaurant wall. The setting is a pleasant way to start the day, with their big range of breakfasts, and likewise a pleasant backdrop for the afternoon's sunset.

Whilst the menu is the usual mix of local and International dishes you expect to find on a hotel restaurant menu, a surprise is the range of excellent Mexican dishes. If just snacking whilst drinking then the universal Nachos are always an easy option; tortilla chips interspersed with beans, tomato, guacamole [avocado mousse] topped with sour cream and melted cheese. Likewise a bowl of Tortilla Chips can be simply dunked in a tomato salsa or a bowl of guacamole.

Enchilladas [chicken or beef] are stuffed corn tortillas covered with special Mexican sauce and served with rice and beans. Chicken Quesadillas are flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken, peppers and tomato with the usual salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

The ever popular Tacos, a crisp U-shaped corn tortilla are filled with either shredded beef or chicken combined with lettuce and tomato then covered with grated cheese, served with rice and beans. Fajitas are sizzling strips of marinated beef or chicken with a flour tortilla and all the trimmings, you roll your own.

Taquitos can be either chicken or beef rolled in corn tortillas then fried golden brown. Shaped like small spring rolls they have their ends twisted like wontons. They are a great crunchy snack, cut them in the centre and they become bite size, a good supper dish.

The breakfasts here have something for everyone. The usual Continental, Indonesian and American breakfasts have an added one; Morning Glory, merely an American breakfast with fries added. There is a full range of Omelettes with many different fillings and French Toast, slices of bread dipped in batter then lightly fried before being dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

The International menu at Adirama features a little bit of everything. Lamb Medallions are pan-fried but still tender and pink inside, as they should be, served with a tangy BBQ sauce. From central Europe a Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded flattened escalope of pork, pan-fried and served with a parmesan tomato spaghetti or baked potato, the Neurenberger Sausages are not the normal oversized German sausages but instead small tasty snags almost like breakfast sausages, with deep-fired onion rings and discs of sliced potato pan-fried till crunchy, or a Beef Stroganoff, beef slices in a creamy paprika and mushroom sauce.

Steaks can be either fillet or rump and are available in a number of different styles. Maitre d'hotel is with garlic butter, Rocquefort with a sauce from that unique French cheese and then there is the traditional Au Poivre, a sauce from crushed black peppercorns. Chicken and Mushrooms is a full breast grilled with chilli sauce, pan-fried mushrooms sit on top.

Whilst there is always Grilled Tuna [in a garlic sauce] the most popular is that simple Fish & Chips, filleted chunks of fish in breadcrumbs, deep-fried and served with sauce tartar. A Spaghetti Marinara is pasta tossed with a mix of seafood in a tomato based sauce.

A touch of local Indonesian Chinese is the Ang Shio Hi, chunks of filleted fish in a light batter with sweet and sour sauce. Similarly those traditional Sweet and Sour Pork and Chicken options are also available.

Ayam Goreng Mentega is fried chicken served in a butter sauce, tender and tasty, Sambal Goreng Daging Cabai Hijau can be beef or chicken that is stewed with green peppers. Ayam Goreng Kecap is fried chicken in soy and of course that old Balinese favourite Babi Kecap is small strips of pork that have been cooked in Kecap Manis [sweet soy].

A feature at Adirama is their Cheese & Pate Platters that combine cheeses of the world with Pates. Usually available are Tasmanian Heritage Camembert, Adam Aussie Gold, Tasmanian Heritage Gouda, New Zealand's Mainland Danish Blue, Gorgonzola Galbani from Italy with Rubbens Traditional and French style Pates.

The small but well balanced wine list is priced very reasonably. In summary good quality fare that represents great value with friendly happy service and a vista to enjoy, day or night. Adirama was a bit of a surprise in Lovina.

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Adirama Hotel,
Jln. Raya Lovina, Lovina Beach.
(0362) 41.759
8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., daily.
Secure, off road at entrance.
Rp.200,000 for two [+ drinks]
Credit Cards:
- Mastercard
- Visa
Mexican and things..
Medium list, reasonable prices.
Bubbly and friendly.
Salt is in the air.
Great value, surprisingly good taste.
Last Reviewed:
June 2008
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