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The Balieats website is growing very quickly! So much so that it becomes more difficult for everyone to keep up with what has been added/updated/removed. Hence we have decided to begin this new service. A monthly update of what is happening in Bali, particularly as to the modifications that have occurred to the website.

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Congratulations to all at balieats. On a recent trip to Bali my friend and I tried some of the restaurants and cafe's listed on your site. Gateway to India, the best food we have ever tasted in Bali, there is another Indian restaurant further down the street, but no where near as good as Gateway to India, price is good, food is even better. Q-Bar, Excellent atmosphere, food is just great and the staff are very friendly, highly recommended whether straight or gay. Well presented and run bar, very professional.Keep up the good work. Your site has certainly been needed with some many places to choose from to eat in Bali it helps travellers to locate good food without the fear of becoming sick during a limited holiday.
Daniel Collins

Brilliant web site...well done. Although I'm not very net literate, I reckon your guide is superb, especially as I agree with so many of the reviews. We tend to hang around Sanur when in the quiet pace. Will be visiting again in December...keep up the good work, nice to see something so professional coming out of Bali.
Eoin Cameron.

I read about your web site in Age 'Epicure' and checked it out straight away. It's very impressive - user-friendly, informative and extensive; a great guide for visitors. 'Epicure' also mentioned your newsletter which it says is a must for travellers!
Karen Klein

What a great site. Hopefully will get to revisit Bali in the future and will check out your website before travelling for restaurant recommendations. Came across details of your website after reading an article in the West Australian.
J Lindsay

What a fantastic web site. We look forward on our next visit to adding to our eating delight.

Thanks too for the Bali Internet restaurant guide. I may try to mention it in my column
Cheers and best
Leo Schofield

Gerry, Clive Matthews here to congratulate you on a magnificent web site

What a great site. I am a Bali fanatic and about to embark on my 17th trip. Will try some of these places out. Great Stuff!!

Your site is really useful to me as I'm a vegetarian.
Kamini, Singapore

Congratulations on getting your site up and running it looks very attractive and informative.
David Thompson
Chef/Owner Darley Street Thai, Sydney

Very Impressive!
The Red Rice looks like it's worth a visit next time I'm in Ubud. Then again with this website I may not have to leave Sydney to keep up to date with Bali!
Gary Howe, Sydney

What a comprehensive guide to Bali! I wish that we had known about your site when we were there last August, it would have made our most wonderful holiday experience even more memorable. We are just sad now, to find out about all the places that we missed. Roll on 2002!
Sir James Howland, Surrey, England

I read an article in the Melbourne Age's Epicure section that said I should email you to get your copy of the 2000 Wrap Newsletter.

By the way I love your site for Bali restaurants as well.


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